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IV Research Compounding and Intra-vitriol Specialist:

Research, develop and implement improved techniques for compounding drugs and maintaining sterile formulations; ensure proper procedures are used in compliance with the pharmacy’s sterile certification status; provide daily support of the sterile production areas; prepare assays using measurement and analytical instruments along with equipment to assess the rate of drug integration; review and prepare laboratory samples; study the shelf life of substances; implement standards for sterile compounding; prepare lab reports and maintain records; ensure safety and methodology compliance with industry standards; maintain controls for the receipt, storage and disposal of substances; compound active drug formulations or placebos used in research, such as eye drops, injections, ophthalmic ointments, and capsules so they are visibly matched and equally weighted; interpret logs to make desired medications and maintain the logs of all work-related activities per government regulations; perform a variety of processes for making sterile medication which includes pulverization and syringe to syringe transfer; ensure that proper methodology adhered to for sterile formulations including sterilization with filters, dry sterilization, and aqueous sterilization; calibrate and perform sterilization of instruments used to sterilize drugs, such as an autoclave, analytical balance, and precision balance; assist in preparing medications for use in randomized, blinded studies; interpret report results related to analyzing the sterility and potency of certain drugs; ensure proper implementation of different techniques and types required for preparing intra-vitriol syringes like antimicrobial syringes, anti-cancerous drugs syringes and immune compromised drug syringes; operate different computer interface instruments in the clean room as well as in the compounding laboratory including repeater pumps and an ointment mill; implement knowledge of various techniques used in compounding high risk drugs and low to medium risk sterile compounding drugs; adhere to production schedules and deadlines according to quality and safety standards; understand and coordinate the process required for making injections, ophthalmic ointments, ophthalmic drops, inhalation and related; develop and improve methods and processes of compounding with approval from a pharmacist; ensure the clean room maintenance logs are maintained per pharmacy requirements; conduct various sterile tests like surface test and media fill tests to analyze and maintain the integrity of the clean room; keep abreast of changes in the industry and field and supervise one technician in the pharmacy.

A U.S. Bachelor’s, or foreign equivalent degree, in pharmaceutical sciences, pharmacy or biology required. An educational equivalency evaluation of the degree as prepared by a credentials evaluation service is acceptable.

Mon-Fri; 40 hours/wk.

Send your resume to Prescription Labs Inc. DBA Greenpark Pharmacy 4601 Bellaire Blvd. Suite F Houston, Texas 77025 Attn. Kenneth Hughes